Workers and the Unemployed

During October, Brigidine Sisters and their associates join with Pope Francis in praying that all workers may receive respect and protection of their rights, and that the unemployed may receive the opportunity to contribute  by decent work to the common good.

As well as praying for workers, Brigidines have a particular commitment to raising awareness of the injustices suffered by seasonal workers and other women and men who are trafficked or exploited by some employers in the hospitality, agricultural, construction and fishing industries.

Creator God,
thank you for providing us
with gifts and talents to share.

Provide our community, our nations, our world
with the will to provide work for all which is decent and fair.

May our collaboration with the unfolding work of  your creation
 enhance the dignity of all living beings.

May the rights of workers in each industry and setting be respected and protected. May those seeking work find opportunities to contribute to the common good.

We ask this in the name of Jesus,
who worked as a carpenter and for the coming of Your Kingdom of justice where all may have fullness of life. Amen.