World Fair Trade Day 2019

World Fair Trade Day takes place this year on 11th May. Organised by the World Fair Trade Organisation, the aim of the day is to celebrate Fair Trade and encourage all consumers to, where possible, choose Fair Trade goods, thus becoming fair and ethical consumers.

Fair Trade is a trading partnership that observes the human rights of all involved, paying fairly for goods and services that have been sustainably sourced and also engaging in supporting the fight against economic crisis, poverty, gender inequality and climate change.

In the first world many take our coffee, cocoa, tea, clothing and sneakers for granted, but there are many people in other countries who are not so lucky. Every day, tens of thousands of people in various Asian, African and South American countries—men, women and even children—work themselves to the bone in nearly unbearable conditions for minimal payments so we can continue to enjoy those things.

However, there are many people in the world who believe that everyone deserves decent wages and safe working conditions, regardless of where they live and work.

These are the people who created and mark Fair Trade Day – a global event aimed to bring greater justice for workers and for planet Earth.

The 2016 Brigidine Congregational Forum called all Brigidines to commit “to the purchase of Fair Trade and other products which promote social and environmental well-being.” (Call and Invitation, May 2016).

The following story about Fair Trade Cotton offers background to this struggle for greater justice.