Worldwide Prayer Intention – July

During July all are invited to join with Pope Francis’ Worldwide Prayer Network in praying for families.

May today’s families be accompanied with love, respect and guidance.

Let us keep particularly in our prayer our own families and other families who are suffering undue stress and anxiety at this time because of sickness, unemployment, the threat of homelessness  or financial difficulties. We also pray for those separated from their families and loved ones due to being forced from their homelands, imprisonment or a family breakdown.

God, gentle father and compassionate mother to us all, we delight in your countless gifts of life. We ask that your deep peace will enfold  and shelter all families at this time.

You encircle and bless us at every stage of life – at birth and through our growing, in good times and in struggles, in aging and in dying. May we in turn be a blessing for those we meet each day. Amen.