From the Heart – Australian Referendum 2023

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted  in 2007.  It promotes the full and effective participation of First Nation Peoples in all matters that concern them. (Article 18)

In 2023, Brigidines stand with their sisters in Australia, where all Australians are called to together build a better future by establishing a First Nations Voice to Parliament.


– Viewing a two-hour television program, on the eve of Australia Day, wherein prominent First Nations voices will reflect on what Australia Day means to them.  Sunset Ceremony 25th January 23

–  Taking some time to read again the  Uluru Statement from the Heart

– Taking a peek at some suggestions for non-indigenous people: We need good allies

– Viewing a short advocacy promotion:  History is calling

–  Pausing for Peace on St Brigid’s Day: Pause for Peace ( –

– Sharing a Blessing : A Blessing of Truth and Hope


Love of nature can only be authentic in solidarity
with indigenous peoples who do not distinguish
themselves from the plants, animals, rivers and
mountains which inspire their languages practices,
and spirit. So loving one must include the other.
(Fatima Measham,   Invitation & Call 2022)