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Wellsprings for Women   Saltbush, Balnarring Beach    Brigidne Asylum Seeker Project

Wellsprings for Women was founded by the late Ann Halpin PBVM and the Presentation Sisters in 1994.
Wellsprings for Women became part of the Kildare Ministries entity, as a Community Work in 2018. Members of Wellsprings serve as Trustees of Kildare Ministries.




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Wellsprings Newsletter April 24

WSFW Honouring Ann Halpin pbvm




Saltbush, Balnarring Beach was founded by the Presentation Sisters in 1989  to enrich the lives of people experiencing hardship.

As a Community Work of Kildare Ministries, in the Presentation tradition, Saltbush continues to provide a peaceful environment by the sea.  Saltbush welcomes people, especially families, for restorative holiday (rest, play, growth and connection), programs or retreat.




More about Saltbush: Saltbush website




The Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project was  founded in 2001 by the late Catherine Kelly csb, Brigid Arthur csb and the Brigidine Sisters.  The Project is supported by the Brigidine Sisters and a number of Religious Congregations  in Australia.

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All 3 Kildare Ministries Community Works participated in the
Kildare Ministries 10th Anniversary Conference in March 2024.

Watch the Community Works’ presentation
created for and shared at the Conference:

Video  Kildare Ministries Community Works March 2024




“I have come that you may have life
and have it to the full.”
-John 10.10
Mission, Ministry & Legacy  (Kildare Ministres Conference)