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In March 2014, during gatherings and symbolic rituals in Melbourne (Mentone) and Sydney (St Ives), Brigidines handed on the civic and canonical governance responsibility for 9 Australian Brigidine schools,* to the care of Kildare Ministries.  We did so in hope, with faith.
An intuitive sense assured us that  ‘All will be well.’

Kildare Education Ministries has since lived and grown the values of justice, compassion, hope, courage and wonder within a ministry dear to our hearts – Education.

Ten years on, Kildare Education Ministries brings an essence of  Living Justice, Living Peace  strongly and gently to life for students and families –  in the context of today’s world.

A tenth anniversary conference, “Crossing New Seas – Encounter, Dream, Do,” was held in March 2024 – a conference  that was an organisational and technical feat – which celebrated  all that Kildare Ministries has become.

In 5 ‘Hubs’  across Australia, the KM Trustees and Leaders and the Staffs of all KM Schools and Community Works gathered and connected. They rejoiced with, challenged and inspired each other.
The 10 year journey was reviewed and celebrated.
Issues, challenges and possibilities of the present times were contemplated – all in the light of the KM’s Mission and in the thought – provoking environment created by a range of inspiring speakers, panelists and facilitators.
Dreams for next steps and future transformative  action were articulated.
Kildare Ministries continues to journey, in hope, with faith…    All will be well.



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A story is told that an eternal flame was tended by St Brigid and her community of Sisters at her monastery in Kildare in 5th century Ireland. To honour that heritage, the lamp of learning is a symbol used today across Kildare Ministries schools in the Brigidine tradition. This lamp denotes the illumination that education brings to the hearts and minds of young people.
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Flame of Hope
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* Star of the Sea College, a school previously governed by Presentations Sisters, was also handed to the care of Kildare Ministries in March 2014.