News from UNANIMA International

Our Brigidine Congregation is a member of UNANIMA  International (UI) – a coalition of Congregations of women religious who collaborate in order to bring justice to women and girls in particular within the global community.

A number of Brigidine Sisters have been actively involved in UNANIMA International over the years and it is currently one of the Congregation’s Common Projects which we support.

In the UI first Newsletter for 2022 Sr Jean Quin DW, Executive Director writes:

“This past year has been a challenging year for all of us. The world has been turned upside down with the
pandemic, wars, homelessness, displacement, hunger and starvation continuing at a phenomenal rate. And so, our vision as an organization is as relevant now as it was almost 20 years ago – a future where women, children and girls who live in extreme poverty in our society will be empowered to achieve a better quality of life. “

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