Our Legacy

Composed by Sr Clare Keady csb, Australia


Shepherd-boy in slavery
Prayed that God would set him free.
Safe at home he had a dream
Of voices calling urgently…

“Patrick, come back to our people.
Patrick, we’re longing to hear the word of God.”
Patrick’s faith was a fire
That would warm and inspire.
As he taught all the people God’s way
And we thank God for Patrick today.


Woman of vitality
Love and generosity.
Blessed with gifts of heart and mind
She sought the will of God to find.
“Brigid, come forth to your people.
Brigid, come show us how to live the love of God!”
She was joyful and strong
And before very long
She was teaching the people God’s way,
And we thank God for Brigid today.

Daniel: Priest of God in troubled days

Strong and gentle in his ways.
To work in France was Daniel’s choice
Until he heard his mother’s voice.
“Daniel come home to your people
Daniel, come gather those who’ll share the word of God.”
He was kindly and wise
And God blessed his enterprise
As he taught all his people God’s way
And we thank God for Daniel today.

Brigidine Pioneers

Women listening to God’s call,
Fired with Brigid’s care for all.
Through their teaching would express Jesus’ strength and gentleness…
“Sisters, hear the cry of My people,
Calling from near at hand and far across the sea.”
Since those brave pioneers
Over two hundred years
They’ve been teaching and learning God’s way.
We thank God for our Sisters today.